Our History


Media and Peace Building

Following the end of the civil war, tensions between diverse groups in Lebanon continued, but Maharat was able to establish its credibility across those divisions by working with media students from all backgrounds, and creating opportunities for them to come together to discuss media and diversity. This led to an expansion of Maharat’s role into the realm of peace building, and in 2007, it hosted a conference and produced a publication on the role of media in peace building in Lebanon. Following clashes within Lebanon in 2008, when media were used as mouthpieces for political parties, inciting and spreading hate speech, Maharat stepped forward to create training materials and programs aimed at educating journalists on media and conflict. That same year, Maharat began issuing a yearly report on media and freedom of expression in Lebanon.


Our MENA Network

Throughout its work in the MENA region over the past years, Maharat was able to build a strong network of journalists, academics, activists and civil society organizations.