Who We Are

Maharat is women led, Beirut based organization, working as a catalyst, defending and advancing the development of democratic societies governed by the values of freedom of expression and respect for human rights.

Maharat advances the societal and political conditions that enhance freedom of expression and access to information, both online and offline. Maharat engages and equips a progressive community in Lebanon and the MENA region with the skills and knowledge necessary to create change.

Our Strategic Goals

ACCOUNTABILITY AND MEDIA LITERACY: Enhance the culture of accountability in Lebanon

MEDIA DEVELOPMENT AND VIABILITY: Strengthen the development of independent journalism within the region

POLICY AND ADVOCACY: Advocate for policies and practices that advance freedom of expression including internet freedom within Lebanon and the MENA region

COMMUNITY AND PARTNERSHIP: Develop and refine practices to catalyze and engage communities and partners on free expression issues and human rights

ORGANISATIONAL STRENGTH AND INNOVATION: Foster Maharat’s organisational strength by developing innovative, financially sustainable business models, products, platforms and channels

Maharat Foundation receives financial support to implement its projects according to its strategic plan from a group of donors especially United Nations development agencies such as UNWomen and UNDP, Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, and international institutions such as FPU, OIF, Internews, Zivik, and Deutsche Welle Akademie. However, receiving financial support does not mean that Maharat changes its mission and priorities according to the donors. Donors do not interfere in Maharat's strategy and ways of implementation including editorial content.