RIT 2.0 Media Bulletins Brief

Media Bulletins Brief RiT 2.0

This summary of Media Bulletin, a report periodically produced under the Rooted in Trust Project (RiT 2.0), is designed for journalists and other stakeholders in Lebanon reporting and working on COVID-19 as well as other health-related issues and challenges.


It shares a brief analysis of the tracked and fact-checked misinformation and rumors tackled in the Media Bulletins over the period of time extending between April and November 2022, and sheds light on important rumor trends to give insights on the changing landscape of related information needs.


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Media Bulletins Brief RiT 2.0


You can check all previous media bulletins through Maharat Foundation's website or Internew's Rooted in Trust websiteIf you have information or rumors to share, please contact us: Info@maharatfoundation.org or lb-info@internews.org We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions from all media receiving this bulletin brief