Press release: Members of IOB of the 3RF hand over PM Mikati reform priorities

The members of the Independent Oversight Board (IOB) of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF) met with Prime Minister Najib Mikati at 09:00 am on Monday, November 8, 2021. The meeting followed PM Mikati’s invitation to the 3RF’s Consultative Group and IOB.

Discussions focused on the priorities of reform and recovery and the progress desired from the government. At the meeting, the IOB members presented their positions and observations on the government’s work within the scope of the 3RF.

The IOB members have been reiterating these observations and positions in the public statements they have been issuing since assuming their duties in August.

Of note, the IOB includes Mr. Julien Courson of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), Ms. Roula Mikhaeil of Maharat Foundation and Ms. Diana Menhem of Kuluna Irada.

The members urged the government to take the necessary measures to achieve the desired reforms and to make the necessary interventions aimed to implement the items of the reform, recovery and reconstruction plan included in Mikati's cabinet ministerial statement.


The required work priorities include:

- Protecting the Beirut port explosion investigation from political interference and working on securing immediate approvals for the required reforms, in particular legislative reforms, to guarantee the independence of the judiciary.

- Carrying out all necessary measures to enforce the access to information law and implement the public procurement law.

- Prioritizing the social safety plan in government work and proceeding with its implementation as soon as possible.

- Ensuring transparency in the criteria for distributing humanitarian aid and providing the necessary information for monitoring the extent to which this aid reaches the actual beneficiaries.

- Making the necessary appointments to all the authorities and councils concerned with reform, such as the electricity sector, the Anti-Corruption Authority, and others.

- Making sure the parliamentary elections are held on time and in a fair, impartial and democratic manner.

- Carrying out immediate economic and financial reforms, especially approving the general budget, completing the forensic audit, and reforming the financial sector, including losses.


The IOB members further called on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to adopt an approach of public communication that periodically provides information on the measures taken and progress made within the framework of the reform, recovery and reconstruction plan. Such approach should illustrate the decision-making mechanisms and the criteria in formulating public policies and the beneficiaries thereof.