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The relationship of the Lebanese diaspora with the Lebanese Media and its Viability

The Lebanese media is facing significant financial difficulties, leading to the closure of some sectors, while the remaining ones, in the vast majority, are struggling to maintain their independence and continuity. This study aims to explore how Lebanese media can find a new business model that ensures both its continuity and independence.


Considering the ongoing economic collapse in Lebanon, affecting public and private institutions, as well as the general population, finding domestic funding sources has become challenging. Therefore, the research focuses on exploring the potential of financing media institutions through the Lebanese diaspora, which consists of millions of individuals worldwide possessing diverse and substantial resources.


Thus, this study seeks to answer the following questions:

- Is the Lebanese diaspora capable of supporting Lebanese media?

- How can the Lebanese diaspora be actively engaged in contributing to supporting national media?

- Is it possible to create a new business model for Lebanese journalism that relies on the power of the Lebanese diaspora?


A questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 70 individuals from this audience, approximately equally divided between males and females, representing the first-generation immigrants who are Arabic speakers. They are distributed across the five continents, with a particular focus on countries with significant expatriate activities, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and others.


Conducting interviews with Lebanese Media Institutions allows for a better understanding of the diaspora’s level of access to their content, editorial materials, or programs that attract wider interest from this community. The questionnaire aimed at these media institutions encompassed eight of them, covering various platforms.


The survey attempted, through a set of questions directed at the managers of these media platforms, to understand the communication established between these platforms and their wide audience in general, and specifically with the Lebanese diaspora audience. This was done in order to identify the audience of these platforms and explore the consumer market that can support a business model for these media outlets.


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The relationship of the Lebanese diaspora with the Lebanese Media and its Viability