Position Paper Election 2 En

Supervisory Commission facing the Publications Court

This brief comes as a summary of the monitoring, conducted by Maharat, of the previous 2018s parliamentary elections, and for the activities the foundation carried out in line with the electoral process, especially the part related to media and electoral advertisement, which constitutes an essential aspect of the electoral law and of the general basic principles to ensure fair, transparent, inclusive and democratic elections.  This paper presents ways to contemplate media violations during the elections, especially when it comes to the powers of each of the Elections supervisory commission, the Appellate Prosecutors office and the Publications court, and the complications arising from, first, the role of the Appellate Prosecutors office, and second, the delay of the Publications court in considering violations. This document suggests recommendations to each of the court of Publications and the Parliament, in order to control media violations more effectively, which can be used as guidance for the 2022 elections and beyond. 

you can read the full paper on this link: Supervisory Commission facing the Publications Court