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Support to Local and Regional Media Platforms

In the context of its commitment to media sustainability, Maharat Foundation continued its support for independent alternative media platforms, fostering journalism incubators, and promoting innovative media initiatives. Throughout 2023, Maharat Foundation launched several calls for support, including the “Innovation Grants: Core Support for Independent Media in the Southern Neighborhood” and "Support for Independent Alternative Media Platforms in Lebanon.”


The support included diverse training programs on design thinking, business models, content innovation, and other tailored trainings based on the specific needs of each platform. Additionally, technical support was provided by experts from Maharat Foundation throughout the support period.


Discover the platforms that Maharat collaborated with this year in the videos below:


Spot Cast

“Spot Cast” is a youth-oriented, cultural, and awareness platform that targets the youth in the Akkar region. It amplifies their voices and realities with the aim of challenging stereotypes and portraying an accurate image of the region.


You Feminist

"You Feminist” is a platform based in Tripoli region that seeks to correct misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding feminist concepts. It is dedicated to raising awareness about feminist culture.


Ana Hon

“Ana Hon” is a platform based in Tripoli region that targets all segments of society, especially trainers seeking to enhance their content creation skills.



“Watara” is a platform aiming to challenge prevailing stereotypes about people with disabilities in the Arab world. It provides them with a space to increase visibility and amplify their voices, focusing on issues often overlooked by traditional media, such as gender, women's issues, violence, mental health, and well-being.


WeYouth Organization

“WeYouth Organization”, is a Tunisian youth organization that addresses the general public, particularly marginalized communities whose voices are not effectively represented in traditional media. Its mission focuses on establishing a connection between these communities and the media, shedding the light on civil society activities, and facilitating collaboration with relevant stakeholders.


Female Chimeras

"Female Chimeras” is a platform that showcases the stories of Palestinian women. It strives to cease portraying them solely as victims in the media and focuses towards changing stereotypes surrounding their roles across various Palestinian regions.