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On 20 May 2022 news about monkeypox started to reach local news media and social media outlets in Lebanon.


As soon as that happened, rumors started to circulate. To date, procedures and measures to be taken by the Lebanese government and private health sector organizations remain controlled, with staying alert to new cases and setting up surveillance, early identification and reporting, and investigation tools in coordination with WHO.


As for procurement of tests and vaccines, there is no need for it at the national level as of yet, as there are no active cases reported in Lebanon nor anywhere close in the region, and it is a controllable virus with limited serious side effects, more visible symptoms than COVID-19 and less transmission and
mortality rates.


Maharat Foundation, in cooperation with Internews, worked within the framework of the Rooted in Trust 2.0 project, to keep abreast of the development of this virus, monitor the rumors spread about it, and identify the validity of this false information, while providing recommendations to media workers, humanitarian workers, and community members.


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