Monitoring Media Coverage of Climate Change and Environmental Issues

Environmental transformation has become a pivotal topic of daily interest, prompting media outlets worldwide to allocate more resources to covering topics such as climate change, environmental issues, and related policies and actions. Environmental issues have thus become significant in media coverage. On World Environment Day, Maharat Foundation is launching a study titled "Monitoring Media Coverage of Climate Change and Environmental Issues."

The study monitored the evening news bulletins of six local television channels, the total journalistic coverage of four daily newspapers, and three online platforms (alternative media platforms). The study’s monitoring and analysis extended during the months of January and February 2024.



The monitoring highlighted that climate change and environmental issues do not constitute a priority in the news coverage of these institutions, with varying percentages depending on each media institution. A total of 85 media coverages were monitored: Television coverage accounted for the largest number with 45 media coverages (53%), followed by newspapers with 32 (38%), and alternative media platforms with 8 media pieces (9%).


Given the significance of environmental and climate change issues and the numerous and urgent environmental problems facing Lebanon, the coverage percentages appear to be very low. There are also major problems threatening citizens in their daily lives that deserve the media’s constant attention through adhering to its educational and awareness-raising roles.


Therefore, Maharat encourages local media outlets to raise environmental awareness and shape public opinion on this critical issue by dedicating more coverage, providing information, encouraging dialogue and discussion, and exerting pressure on political decisions. The media plays an effective role in forming a pressure force on responsible authorities to enforce the law, suppress violations, protect the environment, find solutions to the issues raised, encourage positive movements, and support policies to combat climate change to achieve sustainable change.


To read the executive summary:

Monitoring Media Coverage of Climate Change and Environmental Issues - Executive Summary


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Monitoring Media Coverage of Climate Change and Environmental Issues