April Communique 3RF EN

Independent Oversight Board of the Lebanon Reform, Recovery, & Reconstruction Framework Communiqué April 14, 2023

Building on the redirection of the 3RF as a policy dialogue platform and believing that Lebanon’s residents deserve the right to dignity and protection, the IOB takes this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the framework and welcomes the strategic shift whose pursuit is supporting the Government of Lebanon (GoL) in enacting reforms and supporting investments in reconstruction.

Lebanon continues to witness waves of instability that are largely engendered by unfit policies, or lack thereof, crisis mismanagement, or the absence of management.

The GoL must not leave its residents to become inured to the harsh financial and economic crises and be amenable to the reforms it advocates for.

Thus, while understanding that the GoL suffers from a dearth of resources to respond to the economic and financial shocks, its policy makers nevertheless have a substantial power to exert in enacting fit policies.


The IOB suggests the GoL follows the legal path in accordance with the Public Procurement Law and fulfills its legal obligations copiously in implementing the provisions of the law.


The IOB calls on the Ministry of Finance to communicate to the public the developments related to the forensic audit agreement which was signed between the Ministry of Finance and consultancy firm Alvarez & Marsal a year and a half ago. As the audit will uncover financial and non-financial crimes that are contributing factors to the financial crisis, it will concomitantly serve as a conduit for the realization of good governance when stakeholders are held accountable, and the rule of law is applied. The public’s demand and right to justice, transparency, and accountability are non-negotiable and unalienable.


The IOB acknowledges the role that IMPACT plays as a vital platform for engagement between municipalities, ministries, and citizens, yet cautions from the duality of functions exercised by the Central Inspection as both an oversight and



executive power. The IOB is evenly concerned about the transparency methods used by the Central Inspection to manage and protect personal data.


In closing, the IOB recognizes the important role the GoL will play as a sector working group lead, and encourages the Government to take ownership in reforming Lebanon’s ailing industries and strengthening its policies and laws.


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Independent Oversight Board of the Lebanon Reform, Recovery, & Reconstruction Framework Communiqué April 14, 2023