Media Consultancy Training Workshop

Maharat Foundation organized a training workshop on media consultancy aiming at supporting the development and viability of media institutions and presenting successful business models for independent media platforms. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Deutsche Welle Akademie for 3 days at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Beirut.

The training workshop gathered 10 experts in media management and aimed at highlighting new consultancy techniques, roles of consultants, organizational analysis techniques and successful business models from media consultancies.

Ameera Mubarak, media management expert, assured that this training helps sharing experience with other media institutions to support their development, and helps in launching new media startups. Daoud Ibrahim, media management expert, emphasized the need for consultancy training especially with all the changes that are facing the media market.

Mariam Mhanna, media management expert said that this training is comprehensive, and is not just limited to media management, and helps us think outside the box and come out with successful business models.