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"Skills" allows the field of all media and freedoms, to communicate with them in order to report any aggression and to cooperate in order to move quickly to prevent violations against journalists and opinion makers. It also invites you to participate in periodic workshops, training courses, conferences and specialized media activities.

You can contact us via the following numbers: 871509-01 or 971616-76

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You can also interact on the pages of "Maharat" through social networking sites:

Twitter: @Maharat_Lebanon, Facebook: Maharat Foundation, YouTube: Maharat Foundation.


On the homepage of this site you can find a number of paragraphs related to you personally, where you can visit and learn about its content and objectives and communicate with us in this matter: participate in our competitions, defend prisoners of conscience and freely.

Skills "is a non-governmental organization concerned with media issues and freedom of opinion and expression."
Founded by a group of Lebanese journalists to defend press freedom and work on the development of the media.
Is a member of the International Network for the Free Exchange of Information, which includes some 90 organizations concerned with freedom of expression around the world,
And a partner in their freedom campaign to defend prisoners and detainees of opinion in the Arab world.
Its programs are divided into two levels: defending the freedom of opinion and expression and developing and developing media in Lebanon.